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Smart Drinking was established to offer people a chance to recover, detox and improve immunity after having an alcoholic drink. Also to reduce the next-day productivity loss.


Our mission is to make Smart Drinking mainstream, so every time you are having a drink you do it with Smart Drinking Supplements.

Together with the best biochemists, researchers and institutions, we developed the most advanced after alcohol health supplements considering timing, human habits and research behind every ingredient

As alcohol lowers the immune system we redesigned our product to boost more of your immune system naturally during COVID also.

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Jörgen leads day-to-day operations. Prior to starting Smart Drinking Club in 2019, Jörgen led product developments in China for Health using AR & VR. 

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The Journey

Our hero product, After Drink, was born when our founder, Jörgen Laumets, first moved to China where drinking culture was a big part of successful business meetings and deals. It was quite hard to keep up with social alcohol intakes and still be a productive person the next day.

That is where Smart Drinking Club first was born. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has evolved over thousands of years and the variety of herbs, spices for medicinal purposes in China was the best for research and supplement formulation development. A wast amount of medicinal herbal ingredients was tested out together with best herbalists and biochemists to develop most advanced and effective supplements for after alcohol health.

After returning to Estonia the production was set up in Certified facilities in Estonia and UK to produce the product in the highest standards and potency.

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