Avoid a hangover by simply knowing to drink in moderation.

Most of us would love to believe that we can avoid a hangover by simply knowing to drink in moderation, but the truth is alcohol can certainly influence our bodies in ways we may not be aware of. Know that you can also cure a hangover by not drinking any alcohol at all, or by drinking in the right way, and you should be able to avoid the most extreme effects of the drink.

1. Hold off on the drinking. If you need to drink quickly, don't. Drinks like ginger ale or Bloody Mary's contain horrid ingredients like tomato sauce or garlic extract, which not only make you very nauseous, but also make your stomach fat burn worse. They also bind you up, and can take days or even weeks to break open. This is why you should set some limits on your drinking establishment, or at least know how to drink in moderation.

2. Try not to drink liquid during the first hour after you're done with your drink. Although many people think liquid is the only useful way to heal your hangover, you are actually best off avoiding it altogether. The reason is because your body has a very difficult time Either getting rid of the alcohol or the ginger ale. If you drink water, your stomach may actually flood back with alcohol and poison your system if you're not careful. Also, staying hydrated will lessen the amount of headaches and nausea you feel.

3. Get a shot of wheatgrass. While some people think this may not be the best idea, if you want to speed the recovery process, a shot of wheatgrass juice will do nicely. This liquid is full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that will boost your immune system and clean thecation in your liver. Many people swear by this remedy, and it may be a reason some of the nasty symptoms began dropping from your system.

4. Eat a big salad before you hit the bars. While you may think eating salad is a huge ordeal, you would be surprised to see how fast and easy it really is. A big salad will put most of the toxins out of your system immediately, and fill you up with essential nutrients until your next meal. It will definitely help your recovery.

5. Make sure you stay clear of aspirin or any anti-inflammatory pain killers. We've all heard about how wonderful pain relief is when our bodies are taken care of with a good aspirin, but these kinds of medicines will do more harm in your body than good. They can cause irritation, inflammation and even drowsiness, which shouldn't be the main thing you're working towards. If you don't feel like taking it, just remember it's the last thing you're feeling at the moment.

6. Drink water. Dehydration will only make you feel worse during your hang over. This will make your stomach look all messed up, and can cause other nasty issues for you to deal with the next day. In addition to the water, your body needs the replenishment of fluids that will keep the brain and the rest of your body working correctly. It's also important to keep the alcohol count down to a minimum, because your body will be dehydrated and ready to go down the tubes when you go without it.

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