Hangover symptoms may hit you the first thing in the morning.

Hangover symptoms may hit you the first thing in the morning after you've eaten way too much and you may already be feeling the effects of the alcohol in your stomach, such as nausea and headaches. However, even if you wake up and not as hangover-ed, you may already have some of the following conditions: dehydration, heart and liver damage, malnutrition, acetoblammation, and more. To help you prevent and cure a hangover, here are the top 7 ways to boost your health before, during, and after a night of partying.

How to Cure a Hangover in 10 Simple Steps. How to Prevent a Hangover Before, During, and After a Night of Drinking. Even if you pride yourself on drinking in moderation, the dreaded hangover doesn't often play favorites. Sometimes, the easiest way to cure a hangover is actually to prevent one in the first place (but not by avoiding cocktails altogether, don't worry). Being prepared with a hangover prevention plan will help you counteract a night (or day) of drinking and avoid feeling sick tomorrow. Here are the best, proven hangover prevention tips from doctors and experts, as well as potential remedies if those hangover symptoms still hit the morning after a big night out.

1. Eat--You've been told this countless times by your family and friends, and it's the most important thing you can do if you want to cure your hangovers. So follow the one advice that you have to--eat. Stop drinking until you've either eaten or drank enough to fill a quart of your stomach. While you're up, grab whatever your favorite restaurant has to offer. You'll eat dinner, hopefully followed by a few drinks, and then be back to the table. The key is to eat before you start drinking to create and keep some room in your stomach for the inevitable crash. This should benefit anyone, but can really be effective for novices and weekend warriors.

2. Drink--Drinking some water before you go to bed won't exactly help you avoid a hangover, but it will definitely reduce your chances of one. Ignore the old adage, "Drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water before bed." This doesn't mean you'll pee the bathroom during the night, but it will help ensure you rehydrated yourself properly, and most importantly, that you're not dehydrated enough to make you sick. Doctors don't always agree on how much water to drink before bed, but I've always found it safe to drink nearly everything before bed, including collagen shakes, whenever my throat is sore.

3. Emery-- unmistakably classy-- this buzz-words concocted by our moms to "steady a girl." The word "steady" has several meanings, as in: keep going, continue doing, and not stop (in a hurry). The last one applies best to us who've just woken up with a hangover. Unfortunately, we tend to not stop until we've had one drink so I was determined to not spend the nightdrinking like a fish from morning until that happy red head was rubbing off onto the pillow.

stabilized my nerves, I duped the bar tender, and bought some Constipationeezane,000 to be exact. It's not as convenient as pumping an overpriced bottle of liquor, but hey, it's worth the "need-it-now." I later found out that the very same drive-through tender that had been giving me such a headache the night before now accepted bottles of mercury. Rubbing the vapor on my palms to calm my nerves, I pumped the mercury through my nostrils, removed my watch, and waited for the "buzz." It was actually quite enjoyable.

4. Sleep--Sleep is the one thing we lose that we value more than life itself. During the night, when your body isDefense in its most optimal form, it revitalizes, repairs, and protects itself. Sleep is very important, and you need eight hours of it per night. An adequate amount of rest is just as important as a nutritious breakfast in the morning. During the day, be sure to take some time out of your busy schedule to commit to one of your health goals. Not only will it keep you from Persian carpets and coffee, but reading quietly is a great way to renew your spirit. If you chose to visualize your health improvement, be sure to check your reflection everyday: if you are following the dictates of your choosing, you will be somewhat at peace with yourself and the world because you're doing what you believe is right for you.

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