Not your usual hangover cure! Drink Smarter with this Smart Drinking App


A new app that pushes notifications to remind drinkers to watch their limits, stay hydrated, choose healthier cocktails, not drive while intoxicated, and save money is now available from


The app works in conjunction with the only alcohol health supplements with pre, after drinking and morning-after formulations.

With the aim of helping people boost their productivity the day after a heavy day drinking the Smart Drinking App will help understand the impact drinking – particularly binge drinking - can have on health by teaching about drinking cultures and the dangers of alcohol.

Whatever a drinker may need to be reminded of, this app will help them drink smarter. It allows users to add their own personalised notifications so they can tailor their drinking to what works best for them.

This Smart Drinking Supplements Companion App is also able to remind drinkers if they need to take alcohol health supplements at the right time, drink water between alcoholic drinks. And it’s designed to help before drinking, after drinking and during that crucial morning after.

The augmented and virtual reality app can even advise on healthier cocktails, warn against too much mixing of drinks, and encourage drinkers to watch their limits – particularly if they are heading out on a Tinder date.

Timing is crucial to get the most out of this app. That’s why there are three formulations to get the best results for the three stages. The formulations can be used both in sequence and on their own separately.

The ingredients are all-natural, including the bio-enhancers that allow for the most efficient absorption – a major development when it comes to supplements.

The PRE DRINK supplement

Supports overall liver health

Uses N-Acetyl-Cysteine to boost glutathione levels

Lowers alcohol-induced acetaldehyde toxicity levels

The AFTER DRINK supplement

Makes drinkers feel better

Provides a reduced GABAa rebound through the use of DHM

Lowers alcohol-induced acetaldehyde toxicity levels

The MORNING supplement offers

Rapid rehydration

Reduced stress & improves motivation

Maximum absorption

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