There are two types of alcohol on the planet.

Ethanol, or getting drunk, and acetone, or from the fermentation process when fruits or sugars are added. Many people are under the impression that just one type of alcohol is bad for you, and the other is great for you. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Ethanol is a mild diuretic, which means it causes water loss in our bodies. The dehydration it causes is one of the reasons we get a dry mouth after a day of excessive drinking.Threelac, a prescription drug and common anesthetic, reduces the amount of oxygen we need for a healthy night's sleep, and can cause dehydration and hangovers. If you need to get a shot of threelac, be prepared to swallow a shot containing iodine. This commonly causes nausea.

Many people consume alcohol in moderate amounts, such as a couple of drinks when going out with a friend, or mixing it with a day-to-day type of alcohol, such as a wine or beer. If you find that you have a prolonged need to sleep, find out your cause. Excessive alcohol consumption can have many negative health consequences.

People who drink plenty of alcohol are long term alcoholics, and bringing alcohol into the house calls for an army of men to be around at all times. It can be addictive, and alcohol can wreak havoc on your liver if you never eliminate it. Early symptoms of a hangover include dry mouth, a pounding headache, nausea and vomiting, a general feeling of discomfort, a passed out feeling, and cold sweats.

Most experts advise to wait till the symptoms pass before washing off the alcohol. It is impossible to wash off too much alcohol, and doing so will only make you feel worse. Instead, Drinksclerosis sufferers should concentrate on keeping hydrated and drink water throughout the day to replace the fluids lost from dehydration. We also recommend reaching the bathroom regularly during the day, and recovering from the meal and the alcohol effects after the meal. The following day, you can start again to prepare for the next alcohol session.

There are also deterrents to throwing caution to the wind when it comes to getting back in the swinging mood. Using solid spirits like vodka and other dark alcohols is highly discouraged. It is fine to drink these in moderation, but a shot of cognac can be just as enjoyable, and without all of the destruction potential associated with alcohol.

It is important to limit alcohol consumption during the week, and to give your body time to metabolize the toxin associated with the alcohol after you have been drinking. This can be done by drinking small amounts of liquor several times a week, and replacing them with calmer, more pleasant drinks likeMix i.e. Vodka & soda. This will not only reduce the impact of the alcohol, but will also help to eliminate the affects of alcohol on your body as well.

Whether you are a regular drinker or just an occasional one, you need to remember that everyone experiences hangovers sometimes. If you know you are going to be drinking heavily the next day, or if you are already suffering from a hangover, consider what you want to do before you consume an alcoholic drink. This can be the difference between a fine day or a rotten one. Make sure you are aware of what your body can tolerate before you throw caution to the wind.

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