There are various opinions on how to cure a hangover.

There are various opinions on how to cure a hangover. However, monomeric hangover remedies GENUINELY include prevention.

While no cure for a hangover can be found, prevention is always the most effective way to stop the downward spiral of a hangover. If you know what to do before you drink, you will avoid most of the symptoms. But if you are one of those people who simply must drink, then take a few precautions.

Drink responsibly

Yes, it's as important as drinking responsibly. Never drink before you go to sleep, even if you would normally skip the safe time to go to bed. It may sound funny or freakish, but drinking before you go to bed can make you wake up with a bad hangover the next morning.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can help rid your body of the alcohol, although don't drink water that is directly linked to ingesting other types of alcohol, such as beer. Some research has shown a relationship between the dehydration caused by drinking beer and the increase in hangover severity.

Get sleep

Rest is cannot be emphasized enough. The more you sleep on the day after a long night of drinking, the less severe the hangover will be. If you don't get enough sleep the night after, then you will most likely wake up with a severe hangover the next morning.

Eat a banana

One of the most unique hangover cures that I have heard is eating a banana before you go to sleep. The banana contains fructose, which helps the body break down alcohol. If you can't stand the crispness of banana, then simply eat a plain banana.


Although scientists do not yet know the exact cause of a hangover, some scientists have made speculations. Many scientists recommend drinking during periods of anxiety and stress, such as when giving a presentation or meeting important deadlines. An ongoing lack of confidence may be another reason for your continued hangover.

What causes a hangover?

One thing that causes a hangover is acetaldehyde, a chemical created by the body when it processes alcohol. Alcohol itself does not create this chemical, but acetaldehyde may be released when the body processes the alcohol.

If you get too much of this chemically-produced acetaldehyde in your body, then your hangover may be coming from the accumulation of it. Accumulating acetaldehyde toxins can also cause your immune system to be suppressed, and as a result your body being less able to rid itself of the alcohol. If you are already suffering from a hangover, then drinking even a little bit Retail-otic Alcohol may just get you in greater need of a hangover remedy.

A hangover cure should be made out of water and B-Complex.

Water helps to rehydrate your body, as well as to replenish the salts and minerals in your body that are being lost due to excessive alcohol consumption.

B-Complex, as its name implies, helps to enhance your body's pores and skin, helping to get rid of the toxins that can still be located in your body despite the fact that you are already drinking plenty of water.

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