Why are Smart Drinking Supplements better than any other alcohol health pills or hangover cures?

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The Bigger Picture

Several types of researches indicate that the drinking attitude of consumers has indicated that staying in control and self-awareness are some motivating factors to moderate the consumption of alcohol. Moreover, the increasing popularity of and reach out of social media eventually means that controlling yourself is very important.

Considering alcohol to be non-hazardous for health tends to encourage younger people to start drinking at an earlier age and is aspired to become a part of the drinking culture which is revolving around them including consumption of harmful alcohol. On one side, moderate quantities are associated with health benefits whereas, on the other side, it is toxic and addictive when excessive quantities are taken.

Smartdrinking.io has launched three distinct options for all those who are in search of smarter ways to drink. There 3 products with natural formulations and bio-enhancers which holds only 72 calories and 3% of ABV. Moreover, one can is a single unit which will make smart drinking easier than never before.

In the recent few years, the concept of no or low alcohol options have become an increasingly popular trend and has created a new niche market of fitness and health conscious people. Our products are made to cater this segment within the market and are very keen towards engaging in smart drinking aspects by offering drinks to all those who are willing to progress in their journey of being fit and healthy without having being forced to miss out on any drinking opportunity.

Our products are all about smart drinking and up till now products that are categorized as craft beers are over loaded with calories and hence, serve to be a big cross for healthy diets. If you are amongst those who have promised to shed off some extra pounds and are not willing to go for a tasteless drink, our products are the smart option which will keep you going. Our goal is to change the way you drink this festive season.

3 formulations of smartdrinking.io (Smart Drinking)

Our 3 formulations include pre-drink supplement, after drink and morning.

Pre-Drink Supplement:

This supplement will support the overall health of your liver and reduces alcohol-induced acetaldehyde toxicity levels. The supplement makes use of N-Acetyl-Cysteine for boosting glutathione levels. The ingredients used in preparing the supplement serve to be effective nutrients for liver along with reducing acetaldehyde toxicity which is the cause of several symptoms related to hangovers. Additionally, using vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which will provide support to a healthy immune system. The use of sulbutiamine is another plus of the product because it serves to be a cognitive enhancer as it boosts neurotransmission along with counteracting the harmful effects of alcohol over the neurotransmission system.

After Drink Supplement

This supplement tends to make you feel better by reducing alcohol-induced acetaldehyde toxicity levels and lowering GABAa rebound through the use of DHM. This is basically boosting of mind and body and will make your morning better every time you drink it. This supplement uses Red Reishi which includes elements that are anti-tumour, immune-modulating, and blood-pressure-lowering factors. Additionally, the use of magnesium serves to be more of a mineral than that of a vitamin. Alcohol consumption results in depleting resources of magnesium in the body because of excessive urination. This element in the supplement will be helpful in regulating sleep along with boosting energy production.

Morning Supplement

It helps in hydrating and replenishing the lost minerals and vitamins in the human body. It also provides the motivational boost and stress –free system that will help in making your day ahead. This supplement includes ingredients like piperine which is a very strong bioenhancer and helps in effectively promoting biological activity of the immune system. Additionally, sodium and potassium help in reducing fatigue levels, weakness and lack of coordination. Consumption of alcohol turns the supply of glycogen and the supply of water and minerals and will help your body to eliminate all the toxins from body and will rehydrate cells which will make you feel relaxed.

The products available at smartdrinking.io are proven scientifically and are also field-tested including bio enhancers. The ingredients used in making the three supplements are natural, highly absorbent and powerful ingredients which are certainly of great help to drink smart and live a healthy and safer life.

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