GIN & TONIC Cocktail Enhancers | 20 x Infusion Bags | Smart Drinking Club

Gin & Tonic Cocktail Enhancers. Most natural way to enhance your gin drinking experience.


Infusions with fresh spices, herbs, flowers and fruits. 

20 x infusion bags with carefully selected mixes.


Enhance flavour and add minerals and natural vitamins into your cocktails.


Leave the infusion bag in for 3-7 minutes depending on the strength of flavour you desire, then take out the bag. Add Tonic and ice after you removed the infusion bag.


Gin is best when it has room temperature. Cold Gin will take longer to infuse.


Infusions are 100% natural and contain no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.


Can Be Used 1-3 Times and Create No Mess.

GIN & TONIC Cocktail Enhancers | 20 x Infusion Bags

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