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Designed for effective rehydration, improved focus, mood and motivation booster. Can be used also as a daily supplement. Helps eliminate fatigue, tiredness and distress.



  • Reduces stress, improves motivation and productivity

  • Improves mood & decreases anxiety without drowsiness

  • Maximally absorbing

  • Optimizes the Sodium-Glucose Co-transport System for rapid rehydration
  • Formulated using clinical research performed by the World Health Organization



2 capsules - in the morning or whenever you might need a mood and productivity boost.


Dehydration that people experience after drinking alcohol is a consequence of the loss of water and minerals. This also brings asthenia, memory loss and headache. With the intake of minerals, water and calcium; these symptoms disappear.


Calcium helps restore nerve conduction and prevent fatigue.

B-complex vitamins restore brain function and Ashwagandha is an excellent adaptogen that helps to prevents metabolic stress and anxiety.  Ashwagandha Improves mood and clarity together with Theanine.



Serving size: 2 capsules

Servings per pouch: 5 servings

Capsules per pouch: 10 pcs.

Suggestable use: take 2 capsules per 50 kg of bodyweight. 


Ingredients: amount per serving

Sodium (himalayan salt)- 175mg potassium- 70 mg,  Chloride- 84 mg,  Magnesium- 35 mg,  Calcium- 35 mg, Vitamin B12- 35 mg, B6 Vitamins- 70 mg, Ascorbic Acid- 35 mg, Piperine- 21 mg, Liposomal glutathione- 35 mg, Ashwagandha extract (20:1)- 35 mg, L-theanine- 105 mg.


Non-GMO, FDA Approved ingredients. Double lab tested for purity.

Morning Mood & Productivity Boost (5 doses)

  • Sodium (Himalayan salt)- as you pee out potassium and water, you also get rid of a lot of salt, which is a key electrolyte. Drinking a lot of water is the biggest and most obvious preventative measure and cure. That's because one of the main things happening in your body when you have a hangover is that you're dehydrated.

    Potassium- alcohol blocks the production of a hormone that helps your body hold on to water, leading to dehydration and the loss of electrolytes like potassium and sodium.

    Magnesium- can help the body break down alcohol and eliminate it from the body. Will relax your blood flow to ease a pounding headache and relaxes the head and neck muscle tension. Crucial to energy production and sleep regulation.

    Vitamin B12 and B6- necessary for the proper breakdown and elimination of alcohol in the body. In fact, in one study, vitamin B6 reduced the number of hangover symptoms by approximately 50%.

    Ascorbic Acid- will help your body recover from the toxins as it speeds up the metabolism of alcohol by the liver.

    Piperine- ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds.

    Liposomal glutathione- helps to quickly and effectively replenish cellular glutathione levels reducing the risk of liver damage associated with high alcohol intake.

    Ashwagandha- has a strong effect on anxiety and depression which is one of the symptoms of a person suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

    L-theanine- it significantly lowers blood levels of alcohol. The study demonstrated that L-theanine helps the body process alcohol better by blocking alcohol's toxic free radicals. Is an effective treatment of moderate and severe anxiety and does not cause drowsiness.

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