Try our all 3 alcohol health supplements. Minimize or prevent the morning after-effects of alcohol consumption with ease.


All-natural supplements boost your liver health, reduce acetaldehyde toxicity levels, hydrate, boost mood, reduce anxiety and improve immunity. 


The bundle contains 5 standard servings of pre-drink, after drink, and morning capsules. 


How it works


Ingredients are designed to provide the right vitamins and minerals to your body at the right time to help you restore quickly.


Here are some of the key players:

N-Acetyl Cysteine - an antioxidant that helps prevent acetaldehyde toxicity.


Vitamin C - supports your immune system and protects you from toxins.


Liposomal Glutathione - a master detoxifier that works within the liver to render toxic substances harmless.


Sulbutiamine - helps your brain and cognitive functions.



How to use


The Kit contains all 3 of our products. Each product is formulated to be taken at right time for maximum efficiency. Pre Drink- before drinking alcohol, After Drink- after drinking alcohol, Morning- after alcohol/ next morning.  


Standard intake is 2 capsules of each product for every 50 kg of body weight when drinking moderately. 


Pre Drink - taken before drinking alcohol to protect your body from alcohol’s damaging effects.


After Drink - take after drinking alcohol (before bed) and works while you sleep giving your liver extra support.


Morning - taken to hydrate, boost your energy levels, improve mood, reduce overall withdrawal symptoms.

Ultimate Recovery Box

  • Kit contains 5 doses of all Smart Drinking Club's products.

    1 x Supplement (PRE DRINK)- 5 doses

    -Supports overall liver health

    -Uses N-Acetyl-Cysteine to boost glutathione levels

    -Lowers alcohol-induced acetaldehyde toxicity levels


    1 x Supplement (AFTER DRINK)- 5 doses

    -Reduces Inflammation and improves immunity

    -Reduced GABA rebound through the use of DHM

    -Lowers alcohol-induced acetaldehyde toxicity levels


    1 x Supplement (MORNING)- 5 doses

    -Rapid rehydration

    -Increased energy

    -Reduced cravings & dependency

    -Improved mood

    -Reduces anxiety

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