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Responsible drinking simple.

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Ivana Alejandra R., Professional Nutritionist, Postgraduate Formation in Obesity & Cardiovascular Risks. (Argentina)

"The arrival of Smart Drinking is a real innovation in alcohol health and drinking responsibly. This is due to several characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the palliative solutions proposed on the market. In addition, it is specially formulated for those people who want to take care of their health and lessen their alcohol cravings and alcohol overall intake."

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World's first

Mood & less alcohol gummies

Drink less with delicious gummies for reduced alcohol cravings, improved mood, reduced anxiety & restored liver health. 


Smile with Wine

Alcohol health with moderate consumption?

Even moderate alcohol consumption affects your performance and wellbeing. Even a glass among friends on a Thursday can impact your performance in the office the next day - poor quality sleep, sluggishness, brain fog - and your long-term health. We help you to drink more mindfully and smarter with ease.

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Drink less, drink responsibly

Your virtual companion with reminders to drink your water all the way to state the obvious that you shouldn’t drink and drive. We’ll also give you a heaping serving of “good ol’ science” in between. 


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